Social inventions & experiments

We team up with organizations, enterprises, philanthropic foundations, end-users and public agencies to co-create and design groundbreaking social inventions, experiments and innovations that improve life-conditions for marginalized people in Denmark.


Nordic knowhow & network

We have collected and developed knowhow and tools for social innovation and have full access to useful data and knowledge from our network and partners covering Denmark and the Nordic countries.

We are co-founders of SIX Nordic and Social Innovation Europe country partners.


The Social+ team is specialised in social change, co-creation, user-driven experimentation, cross sector innovation, ideation processes and social investment strategies.

We are experienced social innovators. We are reflective doers. We have made our own mistakes and learned from them.



Anne Bergvith Sørensen

Anne has worked with social innovation in both theory and practice. She has an MA. in Psychology and Cultural Encounters and has extensive experience in social processes of innovation and cooperation projects in municipalities – among others in relation to vulnerable children and young people with mental health difficulties. Anne has previously worked with evaluation and documentation in the social field in Oxford Research and has over the past years worked with social innovation and social inventions in Social Development Centre SUS.



Bernhard Jensen

Bernhard has over 25 years of experience with social inventions and social innovation. He has an MSc supplementing his education as a social worker and is the creator of a myriad of social innovations. Bernhard has developed and implemented social inventions concerning civil society, voluntary work, social housing, psychiatry, homelessness, people with disabilities, and not least user influence.



Emilie Nydam Andersen


Emilie holds a BA in Anthropology from the University of Copenhagen and has continued on the same trail for her Masters degree. Next to her work in Social+, Emilie is currently writing her Master's thesis about female NGO workers in Jordan. Emilie has great experience with both social work and user experience research from PeopleGroup, NIRAS and more.



Mathias Bruhn Lohmann

Mathias holds a MSc in Global Development from the University of Copenhagen and has also studied International Politics and Development Studies at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Mathias has more than five years of experience within social innovation both from Social+ and from his time as the Vice President of DANSIC in 2014. During the fall 2015 he worked 6 months in London with SIX – Social Innovation Exchange.


Contact us

c/o Social Development Center SUS
Nørre Farimagsgade 13
DK-1364 Copenhagen K

Contacts us by mail
or by phone +45 3393 4450

Our programs


Social+ Ideation

Social+ Ideation is an idea development program and consultancy for organizations, municipalities and individuals where we co-develop your idea and contribute with creative input, constructive criticism, network, partnerships and funding strategies.

In Social+ Ideation we are your critical friend and creative co-creator.


Social+ Co-creation

Social+ Co-creation is a program for organizations and municipalities. In Social+ Co-creation we challenge and develop your early stage idea or problem by giving creative input, constructive criticism, building a network of partners and alliances and facilitating co-creation in the group of partners.

In Social+ Co-creation we are the critical, creative and strategic friend who keeps focus on the idea.


Social+ Skala

Social+ Skala is a counseling and feedback program aiming to scale and spread innovative social initiatives or help them become more financially and organizationally sustainable. We contribute with strategic input and ideas for funding.


Self Budgeting

In an experiment in the Municipality of Aarhus a total of 100 long-term unemployed citizens can budget up to DKK 50.000 and suggest how the funds should be used to get back in employment. The aim is to bring many more options than the traditional on the table and to ensure that citizens take and retain ownership and self- management. At the same time the aim is to develop a new culture of the employment-oriented cooperation between citizens and the municipality.

Social+ was lead in developing of the idea and designing the experiment. During the experiment Social+ partners the project with Social Development Centre SUS and the Municipality of Aarhus.



ULF Holidays offers pedagogue-free holidays for people with learning disabilities. The holidays are offered as group travels mainly to the Southern Europe. The main focus of the holidays is to strengthen and support the guests in the right to self-determination and empowerment. A small group of volunteers join the holiday and contribute with guidance and help, if the guests ask for it.


Send flere krydderier

In the catering company Send flere krydderier the chefs are immigrant women who are not a part of the labour market.



FødevareBanken collect excess food and distribute it to social institutions. FødevareBanken is in the process of scaling nationwide, developing a customerbase and thereby becoming cost-effective.



Glad Fonden is the organization behind the app ‘Glad Tur’ – a guide to physical, cognitive and psychical accessibility on locations in the Danish society. The app offers equal opportunities to take part in the life of culture and society for people with a wide range of disabilities. The app is based on user-to-user information.

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Tag Del is an online platform that makes it possible for more people to get involved in our societal challenges, to create better solutions through co-creation.

  • Social+ has boosted both our concept, organization, funding and the network of TAG DEL.

  • Only few people have given us such concrete, tangible and competent help and feedback as the one we got from Social+

    Send flere krydderier
  • Social+ understood FødevareBanken’s DNA straight away and helped us to identify, specify and formulate our potential and our challenges in a realistic and concrete way

  • Social+ has a specific knowledge about social innovation, which they convert to applicable solutions with excellence. They have instantly identified the core of our project and defined the challenges we had to address to achieve results. This guidance has been both inspiring, concrete and useful

    Glad Fonden
  • Social+ has been greatly involved as a unique and engaged discussion partner. Social+ has especially contributed with great expert knowledge regarding organization- and funding models. From the beginning, Social+ has showed us much courtesy and been able to go the extra mile to answer our questions and challenges.

    ULF Holidays

SIX nordic

Social+ is co-founder and country host of Social Innovation eXchange Nordic.

SIX Nordic is a network, where people working with social innovation in the Nordic Region can learn from each other’s failures and successes in their attempt to find innovative solutions to social problems.

SIX Nordic is first and foremost an online network of Nordic social innovators. But SIX Nordic also host annual events, where social innovators meet face-to-face to discuss the future steps for social innovation in the Nordic region.

SIX Nordic is for everyone working with and interested in social innovation in the Nordic countries: social innovators, public as well as private organizations, researchers as well as practitioners.

By being a part of SIX Nordic you can:
Share ideas, experiences of innovation, and innovation methods, failures and successes with Nordic colleagues

Get ideas for new solutions to the future social problems – nationally and across Nordic borders.

Join SIX Nordic
Join SIX Nordic by uploading a profile on or by joining SIX Nordic on Facebook and Twitter. You can also sign up for SIX Nordics newsletter to get invitations for events straight into your mailbox.

SIX Nordic is a part of the global network Social Innovation eXchange (SIX). Behind SIX Nordic is Social+, WWN – World Wide Narrative in Norway, Forum for Social Innovation Sweden, Social Entrepreneur’s Association of Finland and SIX.

Our approach

Social innovation is a process of collective trial & error and only successful if we learn from our mistakes – and dare to let other people learn from them as well.
Prior to any innovation process lies a social hypothesis that must be challenged and tested. Thus, we believe it is necessary to distinguish between early-phase experimental social inventions and realisable social innovations.
Our innovation methodology is intervention based R&D in strong alliances.